Halloween Safety Tips for Families

Halloween Safety Tips for Families

October is here and with that means a lot of major holidays are just around the corner, including Halloween. If you have children who are still at the age where tick-or-treating is a top priority, it is important to keep a few things in mind in order to keep ensure everyone is being safe and having fun!

The following are a few helpful Halloween safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Parents should always be with young children when they are trick-or-treating.
  • If your children are a bit older and don’t need a parent, be sure that they stick together in a group at all times.
  • Know the neighborhoods your children will be visiting.
  • Make sure at least one child in the group has a cell phone in the event of an emergency.
  • Do not allow children to venture off into neighborhoods you are unfamiliar with or are uncomfortable with.
  • Set a curfew to make sure your children are home safely by a specific time.
  • Children should always use sidewalks where they are available.
  • Make sure the children understand they are to never enter someone’s home unless it is a friend’s house.
  • Never accept a ride from anyone or get in a car with a stranger.
  • Only visit homes that have lights on that are clearly welcoming trick-or-treaters.
  • Check all pieces of candy and food before allowing your child to eat them.
  • Always have a flashlight with you or with your child’s group.
  • Children’s costumes should be bright enough to see in the dark or have reflective tape on them.
  • Children should be dressed appropriately for the weather and wear comfortable shoes.
  • If the costume involves wearing a mask, make sure the child can see clearly out of the eye holes before leaving the house.
  • If you are a home owner who is expecting trick-or-treaters, make sure your house is brightly lit and all walkways and stairs are clear. Never invite a child into your home unless it is a family friend.
Whether you are married, separated, divorced, or a single parent; clear communication when it comes to a child’s safety should always be a top priority for everyone to be able to have fun and enjoy the holiday.

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