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Divorce Attorney in North Andover, MA

The holiday season can either be a joyous or depressing time for families.  Typically, an indicator of how a marriage and / or family is doing emotionally and psychologically is how well things go during the holidays. Now that the holidays are behind us, the marriage just might not feel the same. These are some things to think about before making any decisions.

Maybe you feel you or your spouse isn’t communicating as well as you used to.  Maybe it’s over something as insignificant as a botched turkey dinner or how well-behaved (or not) you all were during the family gathering.  If you’re finding yourself with irreconcilable differences, you may need to consider consulting a family law firm.


If you’re married, how often are you finding yourself arguing in front of the kids?  Is it a complete blow out?  Does it alienate you and / or your children?  Are you able to resolve underlying problems, or is it simply coming to a tipping point?

Fernandez, Socci & Nieves Family Law, based in North Andover, MA, also serves Andover, MA and surrounding areas, including New Hampshire.  The law firm was recently recognized as a “Best Law Firm” from US. News & World Report for 2019, for 3 years in a row.  If you are considering divorce, or have other family law-related concerns such as child custody, mediation / arbitration, modifications, pre-nuptial / post-nuptial, and paternity matters, consider contacting Fernandez, Socci & Nieves Family Law.

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