Active Duty Military Parents and Child Support

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You’re serving your country.  You’re responsible at work.  You’re balancing family life.  Sometimes juggling all of this can be challenging.  Are you divorced and have now been called to active duty with the military?  If so, there are several factors to consider when it comes to paying your child support. The Child Support Enforcement Division (CSE) works with active duty parents to ensure that the child support remains paid in full and on time.

Below are a few aspects relating to child support whichyou should be aware of:

         What happens if payments are withheld?  If you pay child support and the payments are withheld directly from your paycheck, the CSE can transfer the income withholding from your civilian employer to the Department of Defense (DFAS) so that your child support will be deducted from your military pay. There may be some delay before the income withholding at DFAS goes into effect.
         What about monthly income changes?  Your monthly income may be greatly reduced after a call to military duty. The change in income may justify a change in the amount of the child support order. Only a court can modify the amount of your child support order; however CSE can assist you in asking the court for a reduction.
         What about changes in health insurance?  If you are currently ordered to provide health insurance coverage for your children, your call to military duty might mean your existing insurance coverage will end. However, your obligation to provide health insurance does not end. You should either enroll your children in the military health care coverage TRICARE if they are eligible or seek alternate coverage.
         Do you need a passport?  Your call to active military duty may require you to obtain a valid passport prior to deployment. Keep in mind that the State Department will refuse to issue or renew passports to parents who owe $2,500 or more in past-due child support.

If you are currently paying child support and have been called to active military duty, please call Fernandez, Socci & Nieves Family Law with any questions or concerns. Our legal team is dedicated to helping you take the right actions in your child custody case and we thank you for your service.

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