Prenuptial Agreements Explained by Divorce Attorney in West Boxford, MA

Prenuptial Agreements Explained by Divorce Attorney in West Boxford, MA

With Fall in full swing, some couples find  themselves in the process of planning an early Spring wedding. Whether it is a couple planning a first marriage or a couple planning their second marriage, it is important to consider having a prenuptial agreement drafted..

Prenuptial Agreements
Contrary to popular belief, Prenuptial Agreements do not need to be one-sided or “subversive.”  In fact, a Prenuptial Agreement can be, and should be, fair and reasonable to both parties.  Considering that the current intention is to marry without the intention  of divorce, if the prenuptial is “fair and reasonable” upon marriage, the goal is that it will continue to be fair and reasonable at the time of divorce, in the event ofa divorce.  It may be seen as unromantic or a “double-edge sword” by some, but that should not stop anyone from making an informed decision to enter into a prenuptial agreement.

In Massachusetts, couples may decide to draft a Prenuptial Agreement before marriage so that certain assets are allowed to remain with them / become the property of one spouse, in the event of divorce.  Commonly, prenuptials cover topics such as the following::
·         Alimony (if applicable)
·         Health insurance
·         Life insurance (if applicable)
·         Division of Assets
·         Business ownership (if applicable)
·         Division of debt and liabilities

The prenuptial must be drafted by an experienced attorney.  As aforementioned, the agreement must also be fair and reasonable.  It is also imperative that both parties are at full liberty of accepting this agreement, without coercion.  Any assets and / or liabilities of both parties must be disclosed in writing so that there are no surprises.  Most importantly, each party should be represented independently by counsel.

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