Preparing for Divorce in 2020

Often time after the holiday season, if a marriage is already in the process of falling apart, a married couple may finally conclude that it’s time to file for a divorce.  If divorce is imminent, there are some things to consider as the New Year approaches so that you are better prepared for divorce.

  • Financial documents.  You want to being gathering all financial documents.  Depending on your situation, it may be several years’ worth of documentation.  To determine this, we’d highly suggest you contact our firm, Fernandez, Socci & Nieves Family Law in North Andover, MA, [phone: 978-681-5454] [email:].  Some examples of documents you should begin to gather include W2s, 401(k) statements, bank statements, tax returns,  etc.
  • Income tax returns.  For you and your spouse, be sure to have at least the last three (3) years of income tax returns available.
  • Independency.  IN some instances, it may be best to begin opening new credit card and bank accounts.  During divorce you are in the process of severing your finances with your spouse. Often time it makes sense to separate certain finances during the divorce.
  • Seek counsel.  Before deciding to transfer any kind of assets and before you file for divorce, it would be most beneficial to first seek a consultation with a divorce / family law attorney, such as Fernandez, Socci & Nieves Family Law. 
  • Be prepared to fully disclose your assets. You do NOT want to appear to be hiding financial accounts or assets.  This will become a problem further down the line.  It is imperative to know that you are meant to fully disclose all of your financials over the course of the divorce.  This will even include any 3rd party that is holding money or any type of asset on your behalf.
  • Insurances.  Car insurance, medical insurance and other appropriate insurance accounts may need to be adjusted.  Medical insurance is especially important to sort out, whether or not you have children.
  • Organizing and scheduling.  If you have children, you will have to begin discussing and implementing a parenting plan.  (More info about Co-Parenting During the Holidays can be found here[link].  Be sure to do this as soon as possible, assuming there is no restraining order or any other form of impediment.  Depending on your situation, you sometimes have to inform your childrens’ school principle, public safety officer, and / or teacher(s) that you are in the process of a divorce.  This is strongly suggested if there is indeed a restraining order in effect.

During this process, you will feel a “rollercoaster ride” of emotions.  This is normal and understandable.  Be patient with yourself, others and the divorce process.  A qualified, competent attorney will not only help you file for divorce, but help counsel you through this difficult transition so that you do what’s best for your children (if applicable) and yourself.

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