New Year, New Life? The “New You” After Divorce

New Year, New Life?  The “New You” After Divorce

So long 2019!  Can you believe it’s the year 2020?  Although you may have expected to drive a flying car by now, you can at least drive a fully electric vehicle.  What you may not have expected was filing for divorce in the New Year or becoming recently divorced.  Here are some tips to help you during this process so you don’t feel like you’re being left behind.

Write it down!  They say successful people write things down.  Why don’t you start maintaining a written list of some post-divorce goals you want to accomplish in 2020.  It might be a large goal, it might be a small goal.  The size of the goal doesn’t matter, but the fact that you’re writing it down might help you focus and accomplish your goal.

Get organized!  Are we ever fully organized?  It doesn’t hurt to organize and reorganize anything and everything within your life. Even the simple step of decluttering your house can help you feel more accomplished and focused.  Not only does decluttering your life declutter your mind, but it gives you a sense of stability. This is what you may really need right now while you navigate through your divorce or post-divorce day to day life.

Reflect!  It’s perfectly ok and normal to take this time to assess what went wrong with your marriage.  Was it really the small things or was it something bigger?  For example, when you wanted to go out to see a movie with your former spouse, was it because you wanted to be entertained, or did you want to spend some bonding time with them outside the house?  Dialing into what really caused the downfall will help you in case you plan on remarrying or dating again.

Think positive!  This is sometimes easier said than done, but thinking positive yields more positive results.  There are very few people that may love the company of misery, but if that’s not you try to reinforce anything positive in your life to help you with your divorce process.  It may be challenging at first, but stick to it and over time it will be over before you know it.

Treat yourself!  Maybe you put so much time and effort into your marriage that you’re now drained in more ways than one.  Now is the time to focus on you and get you back to “working order.”  Maybe it means joining a gym or doing yoga or going to a sports game or simply sleeping in more.  Take the time to heal yourself in all aspects of your life.

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