Divorce in 2020? There’s An App For That.

Now you can streamline divorce / post divorce with various smartphone apps.

Divorce in 2020?  There’s An App For That.

With now billions of people on the internet using apps and social media, it pretty much comes as no surprise that there are now apps for divorce.  Even so, the general public is yet to really be made aware of these apps.

Although Fernandez, Socci & Nieves Family Law, located in North Andover, MA, is not affiliated with and is not endorsing any app in particular, it is good to know what is available to the public.  Further, it should be stated that an app does not necessarily “replace” proper counseling from a qualified divorce attorney or mental health professional.  With that being said, be sure to check out these apps.

It’s Over Easy
This was created with the intention of assisting couples who wish to file for an uncontested divorce, this app will help you do so online.This would eliminate lawyers and court appearances, which results in less costs and expenses for the parties.  However, filling for an uncontested divorce has its pros and cons.  True, the process is streamlined, but there are limitations with this service.  If your divorce case is complex, it is likely you will each need the assistance of an attorney to help you understand you rights and obligations relative to your marriage and divorce.  It’s Over Easy doesn’t come free.  There are multiple tiers from $750 to $2,500 if the couple has children.

A New York divorce attorney founded Divorceify, where it connects the soon-to-be-divorced with various professionals including, but not limiting to, therapists, mediators, accountants, lawyers and so on.  Getting these connections and references is free, but cost of the various services varies greatly.

Gathering financial statements and other documents is a major part of getting prepared for divorce.  Dtour.Life specializes in just that – it makes it possible to allow attorneys, financial advisors, etc. to gain access to the same case data.  It also syncs bank and credit card statements in real time.  At $19 per month, it might be something to consider.

Have you found yourself after a divorce with various unwanted jewelry from your former spouse?  With Worthy, one can add jewelry to this eCommerce auction platform.  Considering the app uses the Gemological Institute of America and the International Gemology Institute to appraise the value of your jewelry, you can sell your jewelry with confidence.  This app may be downloaded for free, but there is a 5 to 20% commission, depending on some factors with your transaction.  If you want a turnkey solution with getting rid of your jewelry while also cashing in, you might find yourself Worthy.

Our Family Wizard
Although this app has a bit of a peculiar name, Our Family Wizard could come in handy.  It assists with co-parenting situations, which can always be a major stressor post-divorce.  This app includes some features such as parenting schedules, in-app communication including calendaring, as well as tracking expenses.  There is a “ToneMeter” function that allows the user to flag commentary that may come across as hostile or unpleasant.  This assists with keeping a non-hostile environment when using the app.  This app comes as a subscription and it starts at $99.

In conclusion, although these apps may prove to be useful for some, others still prefer the hands-on guidance from a divorce attorney.  A qualified family law firm can provide all of these services with the marriage or divorce, from the dissolution of a marriage, to pre-divorce preparation, to post-divorce life and beyond.  If you want to speak with a qualified attorney, you can contact Fernandez Socci & Nieves Family law at [978-681-5454]

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