Is There A Greater Chance of Divorce In A Second Marriage?



You fell in love, got married, found something wasn’t right in the relationship, and divorced.  After taking some time to move on, you fell in love again, but wonder if it will end in divorce.  Sure, you are a little bit older and wiser, but how will you fair in the second marriage?  Is it destined for divorce?

Based on recent studies by the National Center for Family Marriage Research, Bowling Green State University, over 60% of second marriages will end in divorce.  If you marry 3 or 4 times, the divorce rate is typically 65%1.  Interestingly, the general divorce rate for a first marriage by State within the United States ranges from 6.7 to 13%2.

There are several reasons why a second marriage will fail.  For example, sometimes someone can’t “be single” and rushes into their second marriage.  Or, maybe they were not faithful to their spouse and immediately remarried.  When this occurs, one may not realize the possibility of a false sense of love.  Other reasons include having trust issues, which may dovetail with rushing into the second marriage.  For example, if the relationship began while still married, or possibly was the cause for divorce, the second spouse may develop trust issues thinking this is going to happen again.

Finances may also become a bigger challenge in the second marriage, especially when children are involved or if you are a mature couple with more assets.  At the same time, debt can also create similar challenges especially if the second marriage yields surprising debt.

Lastly, there can be general guilt of leaving the first marriage.  Maybe the love of your first spouse rekindles and you have dread or remorse over what you did.  When one feels guilty in this situation, one tends to become a void to your second spouse.  Children only exacerbates the level of guilt.

To conclude, yes there are plenty of successful second marriages, but statistics ultimately show you are roughly 6 times more likely to have a divorce if it’s your second marriage.  As you learned from your first marriage, life does go on.  If you need guidance or any form of help regarding what you should do next, it would be best to speak with an attorney regarding any issue related to your second marriage.



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