For many considering divorce, the way the holiday season carries out may make or break a marriage.  It may not be the one event that causes catastrophe, but instead be the final straw that breaks the camel’s back due to many instances compiling over a certain amount of time, possibly for years.

Typical reasons that lead to divorce include issues or disagreements with finances, different parenting styles or management of the children, not being emotionally present in the relationship, infidelity and  resentment.  To learn more about causes for divorce and to see what you can possibly do, we encourage you to read our prior blog post, Common Challenges ThatPropel You into a Divorce.  Lack of communication may also lead to these common challenges.

Rather than wait to discuss you options until after the holidays, as most people do, one thing to consider is to speak now to a family law firm regarding your possible options and outcome.  Depending on your situation this may help save your marriage or at least get you properly prepared for the upcoming divorce.  For an example, many people may not realize that in order to prepare for divorce, one will need to collect several years of your financial information, including income taxes and bank statements.  You can learn more about that in our prior blog, “Preparing for Divorce in 2020.” (link: https://fsnfamilylaw.blogspot.com/2019/12/preparing-for-divorce-in-2020.html)

Whether you decide to file before, during, or after the holidays, we suggest contacting Fernandez, Socci & Nieves Family Law so that you are better informed and better prepared for the possibility or inevitability of divorce.

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