What Is A Modification?

What Is A Modification?

If there is a material change in circumstances, either party can file for a post-divorce or post-paternity modification.  Modifications are common, however,  your outcome will likely be better when you work with an experienced family law attorney.

If there is a change in income and / or expenses, you may want to seek a modification in child support.  Generally, there are several reasons why a modification will be considered:



Loss of health insurance;

Loss of a business;

Reduction in income;

Increase in income;

Plans to relocate the children to another State or country;

The custody or visitation agreement is no longer in the best interest of the child;


There is a difference between the existing child support order and the amount that would result from the application of the current Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines.

One cannot request a modification with regard to the division of assets.  This is extremely uncommon and typically needs to be handled on a case by case basis.  For example, if an asset has been discovered after the divorce, a separate procedure can occur and can be used to divide the newly discovered asset.

If you feel you are in any of the described situations and feel you may want to file for a modification, it is best to seek advice from a trusted family law firm.  If you would like to talk to an attorney at Patricia S. Fernandez Family Law, please email us at info@patfernandez.com or call us at 978-681-5454.

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